HMI (Human Machine Interface) به معناي واسطه بين انسان و ماشين مي باشد. کاربرد آن مانيتور كردن و مشاهده پارامترهاي دستگاههاي صنعتي مثل PLC و اينورتر و.... می باشد . HMIدر واقع يك پنل است كه مي توان آن را برنامه ريزي نمود و همچنين به وسیله آن مي توان پارامترهاي مختلف را تغييرداد و سيستم را كنترل نمود. HMI شامل یک برنامه ی گرافیکی است که در آن کلید ها ، نمایشگر ها ، عقربه ها و …. توسط  اشکال  گرافیکی  ایجاد شده اند .   در این برنامه با انتخاب  هر  المان گرافیکی،  کد متناظر با آن به دستگاه مورد نظر ما ارسال می گردد .


ADVANTECH Human Machine Interfaces

Advantech HMI series contains high-performance Touch Panel PC, low-power industrial thin clients, web terminals for smart factory applications and industrial monitors.

Advantech control panel series are fanless industrial PC, which are PC-based open control platforms supporting flexible iDOOR and PCIe expansions.

Control Panel

Advantech web-browser terminal can be served as web terminals, featuring smart i/o expansion, fieldbus support that operates in wide temperature.

Web-Browser Terminal

Industrial Thin Client

Industrial Thin Client

With the arrival of Industry 4.0, conventional all-in-one automation panels lack the flexibility to meet industry requirements. To address this need, Advantech created its series of modular panel PC solutions based on three performance-segmented modules — a control panel, industrial thin-client, and industrial monitor. The modular industrial computers allows the computing box modules to be interchangeably combined with Advantech’s display modules to provide comprehensive platform solutions for specific field applications.

Modular series

Advantech operator panels, the WebOP-2000T series featuring RISC processors, WebAccess/HMI and supporting over 450 PLC industrial communication protocols.

Operator Panels

Advantech domain-focused customizable HMI system with EN50155 and IP69K verification such as Arm mounting HMI and Stainless steel HMI are sufficiently robust for operating in extreme industrial environments.

Domain Focused HMI

Advantech industrial monitor products ranging from touch screen, capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen monitor, providing industrial-grade LED LCD, high IP-rated bezel and wide temperature operation.

Industrial Monitors


siemens logoSIMATIC HMI

Optimized operator control and monitoring systems using open and standardized interfaces

HMI solutions are the only interface between man and machine. Optimal interaction between the two makes a valuable contribution in the following ways:

Productivity – means competitiveness

Efficiency – means cost savings

Usability – means time savings

Product Categories

Basic HMI


Panel-based HMI devices with excellent price-performance ratio for simple visualization tasks


Siemens PC based HMI

Advanced Panel-based


High-perform ance HMI devices with high convenience for demanding visualization tasks.

Comfort panels

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are designed for implementing high-performance visualization tasks at machine-level. High performance, functionality and numerous integrated interfaces offer the greatest convenience in high-end applications.

The following modules are available:


  • Comfort Panels Standard devices
  • Comfort Panels Outdoor
  • Comfort Panels PRO
  • Comfort Panels INOX

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels

Take power and safety directly in your hands. Choose Mobile Panels for high-end mobile applications, fail-safe machines and widely distributed plants. The process communication can be wired or via WLAN.

The following modules are available:

  • Mobile Panels
  • Mobile Panels 2nd generation
  • Mobile Panels x77 Series

SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panels



PC based HMI

Advanced HMI

Efficient realization of even the most demanding and complex HMI tasks


Simatic Panel Pc

High-performance HMI devices for data-intensive and complex visualization tasks.
A PC-based system is recommended if the production places particularly high demands on the quantity and type of information to be processed and documented.

It offers the appropriate options for sufficient storage space, processor performance and data connection. The user can either opt for a centralized solution in which the visualization and PC are combined in a single unit, or for a distributed solution with an industrial monitor as thin client.

The following modules are available:

  • Panel PC
  • Industrial monitors and thin clients
  • Embedded bundles/software packages


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