Serial Device Server

مبدل سریال به اترنت دستگاهی است که می تواند اطلاعات یک پورت ارتباط سریال را بر روی بستر TCP/IP منتقل کند و بنابراین می توان از هر جای دنیا که دسترسی به شبکه باشد، به اطلاعات موردنظر دست پیدا کرد. این دستگاه ها معمولا دارای 1 تا 16 پورت سریال بوده و از استاندارد های RS-232 ، RS-422 و RS-485 پشتیبانی می کنند و می توانند اطلاعات سریال را بر روی شبکه اترنت کابلی و یا شبکه اترنت بی سیم منتقل نمایند.


Bridging the gap
Our RUGGEDCOM family of RMC media converters are designed to bridge the gap between different types of network segments, speeds and protocols. This reduces installation and configuration costs.

RUGGEDCOM RS400 family

Utility-grade serial device servers
These RUGGEDCOM serial device servers are designed for harsh environments


The intelligent connection
A utility-grade, serial device server with an integrated, fully managed Ethernet switch, the RUGGEDCOM RS910 can connect multiple intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) using different communication protocols




Benefit from fewer devices

By interconnecting multiple types of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) using different communication protocols, the RUGGEDCOM RS910 minimizes the number of devices you need, reduces overall system costs, and extends the life of existing legacy IEDs

Ready for tough environments

Offering immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and heavy electrical surges, the RUGGEDCOM RS910 meets and exceeds a number of standards – such as IEEE 1613, IEC 61850-3, and IEC 61800-3
With an operating temperature range of –40 to +85 °C, this serial device server will function in almost any location. It runs the Rugged Operating System (ROS®) and offers simple plug-and-play operation
This product also comes equipped with a host of cybersecurity features including multi-level user passwords, SSH/SSL128-bit encryption, and MAC-based port security
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