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Hazard-free Industrial Ethernet Networks Ensure the Reliability and Safety of the Oil & Gas Industry
The oil and gas industry relies on industrial Ethernet networking technology to power networks that centrally oversee the complicated extraction and production process, including offshore oil drilling, onshore production, pump station and pipeline transportation, tanker storage, and oil refining. Moxa empowers highly successful oil and gas networking systems with Ethernet switches that feature high bandwidth transmission capability, industrial ratings (e.g. ATEX directive and maritime certifications), increased media redundancy, wide operating temperature range, long life expectancy, and heavy-duty networking features.
Network Architecture
Network Requirements
Certified for use in hazardous industrial environments
  Whether onshore or offshore, oil and gas facilities are hazardous environments where flammable gases, vapors, liquids, or combustible dust are all present. To operate in this setting, network equipment needs to obtain industrial ratings and approvals such as Class I, Division 2/ATEX Zone 2, and DNV/GL certifications.
Wide operating temperature range
  Extreme temperatures are common in oil and gas facilities, and to ensure reliability in extreme operating environments, network equipment should be able to operate reliably in a wide temperature range.
Safe and reliable industrial communication networks
  Reliable, redundant ring networks are needed to connect all remote equipment with the central SCADA system or entire DCS system, enabling real-time monitoring.
Accurate data transmission over long distances
  Fiber optic cabling is required for secure and remote transmissions, as well as long-haul transmissions throughout oil facilities, due to its EMI/noise immunity and high availability.
Bandwidth management to conserve network use by IP video applications
  Devices with IGMP snooping support can filter the amount of multicast traffic, which is ideal for creating efficient IP video surveillance solutions.
Scalable bandwidth and QoS functions for real-time efficiency
  Gigabit bandwidth networks with QoS support ensure real-time monitoring and determinism, which empowers engineers to be immediately informed and take rapid action in emergencies.
Moxa Solutions
Comply with applicable industrial certifications for product safety
  Most of Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches have achieved Ul/cUL Class I, Division 2/ATEX Zone 2 and DNV/GL/ABS/LR/NK maritime certification for use in explosive atmospheres or extreme offshore environments.
High-reliability industrial features for mission critical applications
  Moxa products include all the rugged features demanded by industrial applications, such as redundant power inputs, fanless design, high MTBF for stable network operations, and wide -40 to 75˚C operating temperatures.
Moxa's Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain offer reliable network redundancy
  Moxa's managed Ethernet switches come equipped with the reliable network redundancy of Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technology (recovery time < 20 ms) to ensure uninterrupted system operations. Turbo Ring supports multiple ring functions, such as ring coupling, dual homing, and dual ring, and Turbo Chain allows the flexible creation of any number of complex redundant networks.
100M or 1000M Optical fiber connections
  Moxa products include 100M fiber ports or 100/1000M SFP slots with single mode and multi mode options for flexible and simple cabling of long-haul networks.
Expertise in intelligent network management technology
  Advanced network management and security parameters are included in Moxa's managed Ethernet switches, including IGMP snooping for filtering multicast traffic, Modbus/TCP for easy integration with SCADA/HMI systems, QoS to increase determinism of data transmission, VLAN for ideal network planning, IEEE 802.1X and HTTPS/SSH for enhanced network security, and more.
Allows high level of data transmission to improve system performance
  Moxa Gigabit managed Ethernet switches provide high-bandwidth performance for real-time video, voice, and data transmission throughout oil sites. Some switches support more than 2 Gigabit ports or full Gigabit options for effortless Gigabit uplinks.
A vast array of industrial Ethernet solutions
  Moxa is your one-stop shop for Ethernet-based Oil & Gas monitoring solutions, including a broad selection of DIN-Rail/rackmount Ethernet switches and industrial wireless products, event-response-based Active Ethernet I/O, industrial-grade IP surveillance products, and serial-to-Ethernet servers.
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