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Infrastructure costs matter
In underground mines, infrastructure cost is crucial. Different systems can have diverse wiring, protocols, and interfaces. Integrating voice, video and data over one standard infrastructure has the obvious benefit of one wire for all underground networks. This open standards approach can save overall installation costs for sub-systems and equipment that would need to be purchased and maintained separately. Moxa offers a mine-specific communication system built on Ethernet standards, integrating wired and wireless connections to give maximum simplicity for network expansions and maintenance.
WLANs Enable real-time mobile connectivity
The overall mining process is highly mobile, under constantly changing environments. As wired communications limit mobility and flexibility in tunnels, miners are turning to wireless for connecting, communicating and controlling remote applications like telephony, tracking, and machine control. Designed to ensure uncompromising safety, Moxa provides intrinsically safe WLAN products that reliably extend coverage in hard-to-wire areas, and which serve a variety of mobile technologies like Wi-Fi tags and Wi-Fi phones.
Environmental challenges
Rock falls, entrance and tunnel collapses
Wet Conditions: relative humidity>90%
Fires and explosions
Hard to wire in constantly changing environments
Natural instability of geological structure
Daily cutting of mine faces (average 50 ft/day)
Constrained space: long narrow tunnels with limited space
Overall mining process is mobile
Various sources of EMI or RFI
Electric motors, power lines and appliances
Temperature variations: from –20 up to 55 ° C
Network Requirements
Network requirements
Flexible extension from fixed networks into active mines
Support for constantly moving workers and equipments
Converging voice, video and data over a single infrastructure
Hassel-free expansion and maintenance
Uninterrupted availability: Non-stop fail-safe redundancy
Critical real-time demands
Enough bandwidth to enable real-time communications for rigid safety
Interference proof: EMI/RFI resistance
Intrinsically safe network
Certified for safe operations in hazardous mines
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